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Home Styling Services

Home Decorating | Home Redesign

Through the home styling service, we work with clients from beginning to end to bring their vision to life. Staging to live can provide you with an environment you truly enjoy coming home to. We are able to repurpose your current decor to revamp any room in your home as well as source new quality items within your budget. We also extend our designer discount when applicable!

Services offered: 

-Design consultation where we will create a detailed and customized Design Report by writing down everything that needs to be done in the main areas of your home, so that they shine!

-Decluttering, rearranging, & organizational strategies to optimize space in each room

-Lighting, window treatments and accessory arrangement

-Highlighting architectural features and freshening up each room

-Color advice and emotional connection points in each space, so you love the look of each room.

-We’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that add the WOW factor to each space in your home. We are experts in sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices!

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